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Meet the Creator

Shavon Tate is a Philaelphia native from the Germantown section.  As a mother and a Behavioral Consultant, she is committed to the development and growth of children. While working, Shavon had the opportunity to interact with students on a daily basis in the school setting, and noticed the lack of hands-on programing. She gained insight from students that learning was not interesting or exciting. As a result, In My Toolbox (IMTB) was created by Shavon wanting to share her hobby of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) crafts with students. From her own experience, activities that involve physical use of the hands creates a wonderful learning experience and strengthen skills.


Shavon believes that all students have special skills in their toolbox. It’s our job to provide outlets for students to explore them. When more attention is placed on a child’s interest, we’ll create more innovators for the future.

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