In My Toolbox (IMTB) is extremely dedicated to providing excellent programming to students. The workshops encourage students to work with others and exchange ideas, think outside the box, and find solutions to problems. Since all workshops require hands-on involvement which builds confidence, students will become motivated to take interest in learning.  

IMTB is a traveling program that host pop-up workshops in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Please follow our social media pages to meet-up with us. We don't want our students to forget about the feeling of in-person engagement. 


Oobleck is fun, but oobleck is better when it's edible! Fun Fact: Oobleck has two states of matter liquid and solid. Students have the option to eat or play with it.

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This is not just a project, it's a toy that students assemble themselves. Students are able to improve their gross motor skills and become the driving force behind their creation. 

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Lava Lamp

Student are able to uncover the meaning of density by guessing which is heavier, water or oil? Students then discover how carbon dioxide makes the magic happens. 

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